Help shape a brighter future



Tragically, suicide is the biggest killer of young Western Australians.  Each week, at least one young person is lost to suicide. Thousands more will suffer silently the despair that anxiety, depression and self-harm brings to their lives.

But this summer, you can help shape a brighter future for young people in need.

Youth Focus has delivered free mental health services to more than 20,000 Western Australians aged 12 to 25 since 1994.  Having never lost a young person to suicide while in its care, Youth Focus has shown that early intervention transforms young people’s lives.

In the New Year, the demand for Youth Focus services will soar with thousands of young people facing new challenges as they return to, or enter schools, tertiary education and workplaces.

Your donation will directly support face-to-face counselling for 12 to 25 year olds and their families, as well as the provision of other mental health services including education, mentoring and peer support days.

Please DONATE NOW and help shape a brighter future for young people with mental illness.