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Celebrating headspace day nationally

Today is annual headspace day, a national day that supports and celebrates the mental health and wellbeing of young Australians.

The public awareness campaign, which coincides with Mental Health Month, comes as headspace national today released new research that shows the serious impact that 2020 is having on the wellbeing and mental health of young people in Australia.

The National Youth Mental Health Survey 2020 shows that national rates of psychological distress remain high or very high and concerningly, there has been an overall decline in wellbeing among young people.

In WA alone, 39% of young people reported high or very high levels of psychological distress. More than half (52%) of those surveyed were unable to carry out daily activities on at least one day in the previous two-week period, an increase from 44% in 2018.

As worrying as it is, this data reiterates why we do what we do, day-in, day-out. It also serves a poignant reminder about the integral and important work of Youth Focus and our headspace centres in supporting young West Australians through mental health challenges. Our services have never been more in demand than they are now, from one-on-one free counselling to suicide prevention education or vocational support.

As an organisation, we will continue to strive to make our services applicable, workable and tailored to needs of the young people we support.

And to you, our dedicated staff, we could not do this without your commitment, drive and passion for the cause. Together, we can make a difference.