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Pledge to positively impact your wellbeing during this time

“The most challenging times bring us the most empowering lessons.” – Karen Salmansohn

This May, join our Youth Reference Group in pledging to positively impact your wellbeing with a simple challenge that can become a habit for the better.

And what better time to start than now, while we all have a bit more time on our hands!

Simple personal challenges such as “making your bed every day” are only small changes in a practical sense but can have a huge impact on your mood and productivity.

Join the wave of young people across the state who are stepping up to make a pledge to improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

Pick your challenge, register below, spread the word among your friends and family on social media (using the social tile we provide and the hashtag #yrgpledge), then stick with it.

We will be checking in with you throughout the three month journey, offering words of encouragement along the way and we’d love to hear about your progress!

Don’t give up. We are here to support you!

Still need some challenge inspiration? Here’s a list of some of the challenges that have been chosen so far!

  • Learn AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language)
  • Make your bed every day
  • Go outside for a walk each day
  • Write down 3 positive things every morning
  • Write 3 achievable goals for each day
  • Work on a blog
  • Go vegetarian
  • Teach your pet a new trick
  • Learn/re-learn/commit to practising an instrument

Register your pledge below to get the shareable social media pic!

We’d also like to stay in touch to see how your challenge is going.