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16 Days in WA: playing our part

Youth Focus proudly supports 16 Days in WA, a campaign running from 25 November to 10 December, designed to drive a change in the culture, behaviour, and attitudes leading to violence against women and their children.

Through the services and support we provide at Youth Focus, we see first-hand the devastating impact family and domestic violence has on our young people. The number of young people who present with concerns around family conflict has increased significantly over the past twelve months. Not only are young people witnessing domestic violence, but they are also experiencing abuse themselves.

“Young people need to have safe, secure and stable environments for them to thrive. Violence of any kind is just not ok, and we all have a responsibility to make it stop,” said Derry Simpson, CEO Youth Focus.

This year’s theme for 16 Days in WA is: Stopping Family and Domestic Violence: Play Your Part.

There are many ways we can play our part in stopping the violence, from calling out inappropriate behaviour, educating ourselves on the causes of gender-related violence and what to look out for, being a good role model, and providing resources and support to those experiencing domestic violence.  There are lots of great suggestions on how you can play your part on the 16 Days in WA website.

The Youth Focus teams across the State are participating in some of the official events – the team from headspace Geraldton headspace attended the annual Walk Against Violence on Friday, 24 November, and we’ll have a stall at the Midland March that Matters this Thursday, 30 November.

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing domestic violence, there is help available.

Youth Focus can provide counselling support to young people through our services across the State, call us on (08) 6266 4333.