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Youth Focus has a number of resources and publications available for download. For more mental health resources, please visit the Get Help section of our website. For additional resources for family and friends, please visit headspace here.

Resources for young people

Young Person Welcome Pack
1.75MB • PDF Download
Youth Focus Wallet Card
2.57MB • PDF Download
Youth Focus Bookmark
200.07kB • PDF Download
Mindful Tea
537.11kB • PDF Download
Mindful Colouring
2.60MB • PDF Download
Mindful Chatterbox
2.62MB • PDF Download
100 Coping Strategies
2.56MB • PDF Download
Support Services
124.76kB • PDF Download
Information for Young Carers
74.00kB • PDF Download
Carer Support for Young People
57.33kB • PDF Download
Rights & Responsibilities - Clients
582.05kB • PDF Download
Consent Policy
123.49kB • PDF Download

Resources for parents & carers

Supporting a Young Person
83.48kB • PDF Download
Carers' Rights and Responsibilities
2.27MB • PDF Download
Carers' Rights and Responsibilities Brochure
2.33MB • PDF Download
Carer Support for Adults
70.31kB • PDF Download
Aged Carer Support
71.66kB • PDF Download
Information for Grandparent & Kinship Carers
65.04kB • PDF Download

Corporate resources

Youth Focus Brochure
1.30MB • PDF Download
Vocational Support Brochure
595.55kB • PDF Download
Vocational Support Poster
393.86kB • PDF Download
Web-Counselling Poster
509.36kB • PDF Download
BEST Program Poster
255.02kB • PDF Download

If you require urgent mental health support, please attend your nearest hospital emergency department or call:

For phone counselling support, please contact:

To enquire about the services we can provide for you, or someone you know, please call:

(08) 6266 4333 More contact information