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Celebrating a decade of support from Mineral Resources

Mineral Resources (MinRes) and Youth Focus are celebrating 10 years of working together to create brighter futures for young Western Australians.

As a Premier Partner, MinRes has provided $2.3 million over the past decade to help Youth Focus provide vital mental health support services to thousands of young people across Western Australia each year.

Recently released Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show mental health challenges among young people have increased almost 50% over the past 15 years.

As the only youth specialist, non-government mental health service provider in Western Australia, Youth Focus sees firsthand the growing need for services.

Partnerships with organisations such as MinRes enables us to provide evidenced-based, safe and high-quality services at no cost when young people need them most.

“We’re committed to improving the mental health and wellbeing of young people aged between 12 and 25,” Youth Focus Chief Executive Officer Derry Simpson said.


“To achieve long-term impact for young people, we need long-term partners like Mineral Resources, who understand the challenge and are committed to making a difference, just as we are. This partnership means we can support more young people, where and when they need it most.”  


While the statistics are a stark reminder of the challenges so many young people face, Youth Focus remains focused on the solution.

“We exist to help create a community where young people are able to thrive. We know that this takes a village, one that unites to support young people as they move through their lives,” Ms Simpson added.

“Thank you, MinRes, for being such an important part of this village. Youth Focus could not support the young people of Western Australia without partners like you.”

The long-running partnership forms part of MinRes’ commitment to encouraging a culture where mental health is spoken about openly. This includes staff access to in-house psychology services and mental health first aid training.

MinRes Head of Mental Health Chris Harris, a clinical psychologist, said: “The length of this partnership speaks to the powerful connection between the missions of MinRes and Youth Focus.

“We both consider mental health to be just as important as physical health. I’m proud we are working together to help break down barriers and ensure support is accessible for young people.”

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