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Give the gift of hope this holiday season

Young people need urgent support to navigate the mental health challenges they’re facing. They need support to strive for a bright future where they can thrive.

To do this, we need your help.

This holiday season, we’re asking the community to make a donation towards Youth Focus’ evidence-based, high-quality mental health services, as well as send a message of hope.

The messages of hope will be used to create a Tree of Hope at Youth Focus in Burswood, where young people can read your message and know you’re there, encouraging them to find their strength.

In showing your support, you’re not only enabling our vital services, you’re demonstrating to young people that they have a whole community who cares about them.

“Accessing support saved my life. Learning how to manage my feelings has allowed me to feel joy again and actually like the life I have.”

Hope can be a powerful factor in a young person’s mental health journey. It can motivate and inspire resilience and coping, and it has been found to be directly linked to a person’s mental health.

“Hope is so important for mental health recovery, and indeed it can be the very factor that encourages a young person to seek support in the first place,” says Derry Simpson, Youth Focus CEO.

“Together we are stronger, so this holiday season we’re asking the community to support our vital services, and to share your message of hope.”

With you at our side, together we can create a community where our high-quality, evidence-based support is accessible for young people when they need it. This way, they’ll be able to develop the skills they need to achieve their goals in life, and lead the full, healthy and happy lives they want to live.

You can help them thrive by sending your gift of hope today.

Donation – Youth Focus