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headspace Albany takes part in work and study support trial

headspace Albany has been selected as one of a handful of regional centres to take part in an important new work and study support trial, which will explore how the effectiveness of the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model can be enhanced by applying an addition to the model in selected headspace centres.

The trial is based on the work of Professor Susan McGurk (Boston University), who co-developed a program called Thinking Skills for Work (TSW). The TSW program includes two components, with the trial focusing on cognitive self-management strategies. The purpose of adding cognitive self-management strategies to the IPS model is to optimise functioning in areas related to the participant’s employment and study goals.

The trial will focus on whether interventions that aim to optimise cognitive functioning in areas related to a young person’s vocational goals enhance outcomes in young people participating in the DSS-funded IPS program.

Other headspace sites taking part in the IPS trial are Dandenong, Edenborough North, Ipswich, Murray Bridge, Newcastle, Rockhampton and Wagga Wagga.

Centres were reviewed across multiple criteria, with an emphasis on how the cognitive self-management curriculum will be integrated into their IPS program and enhance the service provided to young people.

The successful centres presented with high caseloads with good caseload flow to ensure that there is a good participation rate of new and existing young people in the trial. Finally, the selection process also considered geographical coverage across states and a mix of metropolitan and regional centres.