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headspace Geraldton guides the way to high school

Year six students in Geraldton are looking forward to a smooth transition to high school, thanks to their local headspace centre.

For the past five years, the community engagement team from headspace Geraldton has been going out to primary schools in the region, chatting to the students who are about to move into high school.

Recently, the community engagement team has been joined by young people from headspace Geraldton’s youth reference group. The year six students respond particularly well to these young people, feeling empowered to ask questions and raise concerns.

The transition talks came about five years ago, when the team at headspace Geraldton saw the need to help year six students make the move to high school.

“Given the transition to high school can be both daunting and exciting for young people, we developed a positive presentation to offer year six students,” headspace Geraldton senior administrator Suzanne Carter recalls.

“We saw an opportunity for a soft, positive introduction to headspace services, as these young people will have either recently turned 12 years or will be within our age range and able to access our services if necessary.

“In term four, 2018, we commenced the year six transition talks, with invites going to all 16 primary schools within our Geraldton locality.”

In general, around 70% of primary schools accept headspace Geraldton’s invitation, with approximately 460 students each year receiving an hour-long presentation.

“We discuss any concerns they may have around their transition from primary school and promote the importance of the seven healthy headspace tips in order to be their best self,” Ms Carter explains.

Young people looking for healthy headspace tips are encouraged to visit headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation.

headspace Geraldton provides counselling and support to young people from 12-25 years. The service is designed to make it as easy as possible for a young person and their family to get the help they need for problems affecting their well-being.

headspace Geraldton, 193 Marine Terrace, Geraldton. Phone (08) 9943 8111, email [email protected]