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Helping young people achieve their goals in Work and Study Month

One of the important services we provide at our Youth Focus and headspace locations is supporting young people with their employment and study goals.

Mental health can be an enormous barrier to employment for young people, yet finding meaningful employment can be one of the most effective preventative factors against the recurrence of mental ill-health.

Our Work Pathways and Work Focus programs came together recently to develop and facilitate a comprehensive three-part vocational workshop titled “Create your Career.”

Designed to equip young people with essential skills to kickstart their career paths, the workshop covered crucial topics including crafting resumes, mastering online and in-person job searches, understanding professional etiquette, and culminated with mock interviews to put theory into practice.

The workshop, which was held in Midland during headspace’s Work and Study Month, served as a vital stepping stone for young people considering the Work Pathways program, providing them with foundational knowledge and practical tools to navigate the world of work with confidence.

IPS Coordinator Katie Llewell said that the workshop was a great opportunity to showcase the benefits of Individual Placement and Support (IPS) to more young people within our community.

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