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Mental health workshops for schools

At Youth Focus, we support young people aged 12 to 25 to thrive, by helping to make sure that their mental health does not get in the way of them being who they want to be.

In addition to our counselling services and other programs, we also provide mental health workshops to schools, which connect with communities, building awareness about youth mental health and suicide prevention.

Our “Mental Notes” program involves:

  • Empowering young people to understand their own mental health
  • Helping young people identify when they (or the people they care about) need support
  • Showing young people where to find support
  • Having conversations about mental health

We talk about:

  • Why taking care of your mental health is so important, particularly for young people
  • Recognising the signs of good (and not so good) mental health
  • Feeling confident to help ourselves and others
  • Mental health supports that are available in our community

We run three different workshops to keep content relevant to what you need:

  • Students – 60-minute sessions for students and young people
  • Parents/Carers – 90-minute sessions for parents, carers and people who support them
  • Teachers – 60-minute sessions for teachers and support staff

For more information check out the Mental Notes Information Flyer, call 6266 4333 or email [email protected]

Booking Request Form can be completed if you are interested in scheduling a workshop(s).