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Private Adult Counselling pilot to launch March 2020

Youth Focus is expanding to support the mental health of the wider community by introducing a Private Adult Counselling service which will be piloted from 7 March 2020.

This progressive, face-to-face private counselling service will be available for adults aged 26 and above. This initiative follows the organisation’s implementation of a new Strategic Direction which will see Youth Focus expand and diversify its suite of services and revenue streams and have greater client impact. The fee-based service will fund the expansion of Youth Focus’s core business: free professional counselling for young Western Australians.

Extending the delivery of mental health services to the adult population is not only a valued addition to the services Youth Focus provides, but it also aligns with the Mental Health Commission of Western Australia’s ‘Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services Plan from 2015 – 2025’.

Youth Focus CEO Arthur Papakotsias said the Private Adult Counselling pilot is an important step forward in supporting not only adults in need but increasing the delivery of free services for young people aged 12 to 25 experiencing mental health challenges.

‘This is an exciting time for Youth Focus, and we are committed to our position as a leading youth mental health service, one that is valued by our community and yields positive social impacts.

‘The goal is to support the positive mental health of the wider community, including those in a young person’s ‘second circle’, such as parents, carers and family members’, said Papakotsias.

The Private Adult Counselling service will be offered by registered mental health professionals and will operate every Saturday from 8.30am to 1pm from the Youth Focus office at 54 Goodwood Parade, Burswood.

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