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Support our vital mental health services

For a growing number of young people in WA, mental health challenges impact their hopes for a promising future. Anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges are impacting many young people, the consequences of which can extend into adulthood.

At Youth Focus, we believe in the potential of all young people.

More and more young people need our help to navigate their experiences with mental health. We can support them with services and programs designed to ensure mental health doesn’t get in the way of them being who they want to be.

Dorian is one of our Youth Counsellors. Dorian says while the challenges they face vary, a lot of young people are struggling with a sense of overwhelm.

“We’re responding to where the young person is at, and we’re tailoring our support to meet their preferences, and essentially trying to get to know what they’re needing, what they’re wanting to achieve through whatever support they’re accessing,” says Dorian.

“The impact of our service and our model of delivering these services is that young people have the opportunity to access lasting, sustainable, empowerment-based change.

As a non-profit organisation with increasing demand for services, we need your help to ensure young people experiencing mental health challenges can access this support that could change their lives.

Getting the right support at the right time can have lifelong benefits for a young person’s health, social connections, education and future career.

Around three-quarters of mental illness occurs in people before they reach 25, and adolescence is a critical period for developing the skills and habits required to care for mental health.

“We build trust with the young people and genuinely arrive in their experience with them, so we can tailor therapy and support that will be most effective for that young person’s journey,” says Dorian.

At Youth Focus, we have nearly 30 years’ experience in delivering individualised support for young people in safe, inclusive environments where they are welcomed and respected. We provide a safe space for them to learn and grow.

Part of our goal is to help develop a strong network of support around the young person that makes their mental health care sustainable. This way, they are free to build their life, the future they want, from a robust platform of mental health and wellbeing.

Today, you can help young Western Australians to access this critical support and equip them with the skills they need as they move through mental health challenges. More and more young people are reaching out for support, so please donate and help connect young people to our services.

“The work we do with young people is helping them set up the rest of their life’s trajectory; I don’t think there’s any work more important than that.” 

Hear from Dorian about the work we’re doing at Youth Focus here.

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