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We’re turning 30!

In 2024, Youth Focus turns 30! While much has changed over the past 30 years, what has remained the same is our absolute passion and commitment to supporting young people in WA with their mental health.

We’re the only specialist organisation in WA that is solely focused on young people and their mental health and we’re so proud that we can provide a comprehensive, end-to-end, mental health service at no cost to the young person or their family.

Our team of dedicated, compassionate and experienced staff are experts at what they do. From providing counselling to young people in schools, at our centres or online; helping them navigate their employment or study goals through our Individual Placement and Support (IPS) program; supporting the communities we work in; or talking to students and teachers about mental health as part of our education programs, young people are the focus of everything we do.

With around three-quarters of mental health challenges occurring in people’s lives before they’re 25, the earlier young people can access support services, the sooner they’ll be able to thrive in their lives and in their communities.

In our 30th birthday year, we want more people to be talking about youth mental health, the supports and services available, and what a difference early intervention can make. Throughout the year, we’ll be sharing stories about our people and the work they do, resources to help young people with their mental health, and celebrating the young people we support.