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Youth Reference Group – goodbye and thank you!

We recently said goodbye to valued Youth Reference Group member, Joanne Lam.

Joanne was a member of the Burswood YRG, and brought an endless amount of knowledge and lived experience to the group, and to Youth Focus!

“I loved the fact that my lived experience was integrated into all levels of the service. This includes reviewing different programs and their pamphlets, all the way to participating in the strategic consulting sessions. Through the YRG I’ve been able to share my own story in a video campaign, develop a fun activity for this year’s staff forum and overall, make a big impact.

“Being in the YRG was a safe space for me to share my opinion and lived experience, something which I had never really done before. As a result, my confidence has grown tremendously!”

Thank you so much for all your contributions on the YRG, Joanne  – in particular, your coin toss at a West Coast Eagles game!

“It was evident that I had never watched a footy game in my life, because I did the coin toss ‘wrong’ – no one told me beforehand! Nevertheless, it was a very cool experience that I’ll never forget.”