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Youth Week 2023: Becoming

Youth Week 2023 is about young people dreaming themselves a better world (no matter how big or small).

For us at Youth Focus, it’s about creating communities that support young people to realise their dreams and ambitions, without their mental health getting in the way of who they want to be.

Reflecting on our quarterly figures, in which we supported 1,617 people in the first quarter of 2023, it’s clear that we have an incredible opportunity to help young people realise their dreams. It’s a big responsibility, but one that we’re ready for at Youth Focus.

Youth Focus intake officer, Dominque, spends her days supporting young people to thrive.

“For a young person, the world can be challenging, with a lot to navigate,” Dominique explains.

“Youth Focus is here for young people. We’re here to listen, which in itself can do wonders for mental health and emotional wellbeing.

“Young people are extremely resilient, but they face a lot of challenges. We help young people understand and consolidate their resilience. We’re there for them and only them. We help them find their voice and be heard.”

For Dominique, it’s a privilege to hear from young people and help them navigate their journey.

“I get to hear the relief in young people’s voices when they know that help is there for them.”