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Are you worried about your child’s mental health or substance use? The Behaviour Exchange and Systems Therapy (BEST) program may be suitable for your family.

The Behaviour Exchange System Therapy (BEST) program has been proven in research studies to be an effective treatment for young people aged 12 to 24 with substance use problems and other mental health issues, and in engaging at-risk young people who would otherwise not access the mental health or community health system for treatment.

The BEST program works by providing support to parents and carers, who in turn are able to more effectively help their young people. As research has demonstrated, improved family function is the key to making these changes. The program has a proven record in reducing harmful substance abuse, at-risk behaviour including conduct and criminal behaviour, and improved mental health.

How can the BEST program help my family and young person?

How can the BEST program help my family and young person?

By attending the BEST program, you will be part of small multi-family group program that runs for eight consecutive weeks. This group program aims to help your family understand more about adolescence, mental health, and learning to work together and support each other. It is also about families listening to each other better and trying to understand what each person in the family needs.

As parents or carers of your young person, you will be asked to attend all eight sessions, and your young person (together with any siblings aged 12 and older) will be invited to attend for the final four sessions. Each session will last about 90 minutes.

Dates and sites

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The BEST (Behaviour Exchange and Systems Therapy) Youth & Family program Project is funded by Alcoa, the Criminal Property Confiscation Grants Program, Department of Justice, and Murdoch University.

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